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Awarded By PitcHER

Oct 13

Important Information About The PitcHER Competition

The yearly PitcHER competition brings together well-known female entrepreneurs at Grace Hopper Celebration, the biggest meeting of women technologists in the world, to support, promote, and provide new financial possibilities for them.

PitcHER is looking for early-stage technology entrepreneurs from different backgrounds this year. The top ten finalists must sign up for the Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration in order to participate.

The top ten finalists will also compete for a total of $100,000 in prize money, which will be given to the top three and the public favorite.


Who Is Qualified?

  • You (the applicant and the pitch presenter) must identify as a woman and be a member of your company's executive team in order to be selected as a finalist (e.g. the CEO or CTO).
  • Your business is now at the seed stage of development. You've created a minimum viable product (MVP), carried out some testing, and gotten some user feedback.
  • No one is required to make a profit.
  • Money: Including your own money, the money of friends and family, the money of angel investors, the money of grants and other forms of financial aid, your firm has raised less than $2 million in total cash.
  • Your business is based in the United States and caters to the domestic market (although it may also be international).
  • Capitalism: The reinvestment of profits (For-profit startups only) Your startup's financials make it evident that it will be a wise decision for investors to take a risk on it.
  • Influence Level (Nonprofit startups only) You can be sure that your company will have a beneficial influence on the world if its mission statement is accurate.

The finalist list will be determined by a number of criteria, including:

  • What makes your IT product or service special or ground-breaking?
  • What are the positive effects your company has on families, women, and/or children?
  • The company structure (For-profit startups only) You've struck gold if your business has the "venture-scalability" to generate $1 billion in sales.
  • To have the notion that something is going to occur (Nonprofit startups only) Your startup's approach demonstrates a grasp of economics, public policy, or technology.