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Which Companies Use Resume Screening Software?

Oct 24

Resume screening software lets employers quickly sift through resumes to find the best candidate for a job. Often, these applications use automation to screen and sort applicants based on certain keywords. These keywords are based on the job listing or description. You can also set parameters based on educational background and employment history.


When using an ATS for resume screening, make sure to write your resume in a format that is easy for the ATS to understand. This means not including a picture or any other fancy formatting. Also, be sure to write your full name rather than using an abbreviation. Some ATSs can only recognize exact matches, so if you have an abbreviation, make sure to use it in parentheses.

An ATS will search for keywords in resumes to help recruiters narrow down the pool of candidates. These keywords are usually based on the job description or the skills the applicant has. Some examples of keywords are coding languages, degrees, certifications, and state licenses.


Taleo resume screening software is designed to help employers evaluate applicants. Its questions are related to education, experience, career goals, and personal preferences. It also enables employers to create their own tests and automatically disqualify applicants who do not meet the requirements. Among the most notable features of Taleo is its ability to create an "All-Inclusive PrepPack" that includes personality tests, aptitude tests, and SJTs.

Taleo integrates seamlessly with its partner, Ideal, to create a single system that shortlists and grades resumes in real time. This eliminates time-consuming and unreliable manual screening, giving you more time to focus on quality candidates.


iCIMS is a robust resume screening software solution that boasts more than a million users. In addition to being convenient to use, it offers a number of features that employers may find valuable. For instance, the software is integrated with pre-hire assessments from Ernst & Young, which includes verbal, numerical, diagrammic, and logical reasoning tests, as well as e-tray exercises.

iCIMS also enables companies to customize their career portals to match corporate branding. Moreover, the system collects candidate data in standard formats so that management can access it easily.


Freshteam is a resume screening software that automatically parses resumes and turns them into light, easy-to-browse profiles. This helps the hiring managers make better decisions and cuts down on manual work. It also automates many routine recruiting tasks, including emailing and follow-up. The system also allows you to reject candidates or archive them automatically, which can save time and energy.

Freshteam also offers a customizable career site. It integrates with multiple job boards and social media channels. This allows the recruiting team to efficiently screen candidates and schedule interviews. The system also gives the recruiters a centralized view of candidates' information and allows them to leave comments and feedback. The software also integrates with a third-party testing service so that recruiters can test each candidate's abilities before conducting interviews.

Freshteam's empathetic UI

Freshteam's resume screening software helps recruiters wade through the sea of resumes and filter the applications based on job requirements. The software comes with a resume parser, custom application forms, and pre-screening tests. Freshteam also offers a 21-day free trial and 1-on-1 demo.

Freshteam also streamlines onboarding. The software automates the process by integrating with applicant tracking systems and allowing one-click uploads to sourcing channels. It also helps reduce the amount of time devoted to data entry by automating resume screening and obtaining all candidate records. Its easy-to-use interface also allows users to collaborate with other teams and create virtual checklists to assign tasks.