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Water Slide Rentals 3 Things To Consider When Renting A Water Slide

Oct 13

If you have ever looked into the backyards of your neighbors, you may have noticed they have inflatable Water Slide Rentals New Orleans. These fun summer party rentals are a great way to cool off and add excitement to any event. Kids love to scream and splash down these giant inflatables. You can choose from a variety of styles and sizes to fit any budget.


The best thing about renting a water slide is that the company will do all of the set up for you. They will arrive on the day of your rental with a crew that will set up the slides and connect them to the provided misting hoses. All you need to provide is a safe and clear area for the setup, access to water and a plug-in electrical outlet.


There are 3 things to consider when choosing the type of water slide you want to rent: Budget, age group, and space. Entry level water slides are 12 to 15 ft high and have either a single or double sliding lane. These are a good choice for younger children or adults and are perfect to keep kids entertained all day long. Medium size slides are 15 to 18 ft tall and can have either a single or a double sliding lane. The double lane options are more popular since 2 people can slide down at the same time.

The largest water slides are 22 ft tall and offer the most excitement. These are a crowd favorite and can easily be seen at local parks, community functions and even schools. They have a dual lane for racing friends and can be used wet or dry. You can also combine a water slide with other inflatables like bounce houses, obstacle courses, dunk tanks and rock climbing wall inflatables to create the ultimate outdoor event.

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